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    Gleenour Hydrating Repair Serum


    A nutrient-rich serum that repairs skin cells effectively. It is comprised of small molecules that can be absorbed into skin quickly, skin is deeply hydrated and moisturized after application. The long-lasting hydration effect greatly refines skin texture and elasticity. Regular use of Gleenour Hydrating Repair Serum makes the skin healthy ...

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    Vitamin Moisture Glow Cream


    Highly effective in lightening pigmentation and age spots, at the same time reducing formation of melanin. It improves skin tone and texture with increased moisture, fewer blemishes and less discoloration. A perfect cream for whitening and moisturizing. Naturally restore complexion radiance and fairness. 温和而高效的营养祛斑精华素,含有多种高浓度天然植物和生物活性物质,能有效地去除面部各种色斑及老人斑,淡化雀斑,抑制黑色素进一部形成,同时迅速补充皮肤营养。强化细胞生机和功能,促进细胞修补和愈合,令肌肤光滑嫩白。

    Weight : 15ml  

  • instant brighten skin tone
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    Gleenour White Beaute Cream


    This non-greasy natural tone-up cream contain pure berry extract, it is specially formulated with the active ingredients of moisturizer and antioxidant, thus it intensely hydrate and revitalize skin, and effectively brightens up the dull skin tone. 素颜霜蕴含丰富的美白活性成分和多种维生素,能够有效地提亮肤色,保湿和滋润肌肤。具备抗氧化作用的迷迭香精华能帮助肌肤平衡油脂分泌,增强肌肤弹性,让细纹淡化,毛孔隐形。素颜霜最大的特点是水润,无瑕,持久,让您速效上妆,透显素净裸妆。 Weight : 15ml

  • Gleenour UV Moist SPF35 | Tone Up Skin
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    Gleenour UV Moist SPF35


    This tone-up daytime moisturizer with SPF35 protection effectively shields skin from harmful UV rays and prevents damage from sun exposure. Enriched with whitening and moisturizing agents, it brightens dull skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Formulated with Pink Seaweed Extract, it strengthens the skin naturally over time.

    防晒不再是热天才做的事情,要知道防晒不仅是防晒黑,更是防晒老,要想肌肤年轻细腻,大太阳和下雨天,防晒都必不可少。Gleenour UV Moist ...